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                • SUSTAINABILITY

                SDGs Management

                Contributions to Achieving SDGs

                The NTT DATA Group and ESG Management

                The Mission Statement of the NTT DATA Group calls on it to " use information technology to create new paradigms and values, which help contribute to a more affluent and harmonious society. "In accordance with this Mission Statement and in light of the SDGs, we will conduct business management with an amphasis on ESG factors (ESG management). Thus, while co-creating value with customers and other stakeholders, we will focus on Material CSR Issues that we have identified as having particular importance for us.

                Social Contributions through Businesses

                NTT DATA Group strives to make social contributions through its businesses while working to promote a sustainable society by collaborating with its stakeholders.

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                Social Contributions through Corporate Activities


                • Respond to climate change

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                • Ensure information security
                • Protect data privacy
                • Protect data privacy
                • Ensure compliance
                • Promote responsible supply chain

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                Third Party Evaluation

                NTT DATA’s CSR initiatives are evaluated by domestic and overseas research agencies

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