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                • FORESIGHT

                Academic Collaborations

                NTT DATA collaborates with world-class academic institutions and startups as part of our research and development activities. Embracing an open innovation approach, we strive to innovate at the intersection of industry, academia, and startups. Together, we explore and develop game-changing technologies and innovative solutions that benefit business and society.

                Startup Collaborations

                NTT DATA collaborates with startups to accelerate open innovation. Many of the startups we engage with have ties with the academic institutions we have partnerships with.

                Student Programs

                NTT DATA offers scholarship and internship to students to develop their knowledge and expertise. Information on the student programs can be found on the regional NTT DATA websites and may vary by region.

                Events and Workshops

                NTT DATA participates in various academic activities, conferences, and workshops to promote learnings and collaborations.

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