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                Every company’s cloud journey will be different. They all need solutions, roadmap and a cloud strategy tailored for their exact needs, based on deep understanding of their current situations, potential and ambitions. NTT DATA has the capabilities, expertise, knowledge and innovation potential to be the expert partner for the journey ahead.

                Transform with Cloud.

                The cloud is going through a process of transformation, moving from connected data centers to being an intelligent, programmable network. Hybrid cloud offers possibilities to transform your own business and organization, but it's a complex environment, demanding new ideas and new methods. NTT DATA is your expert guide, helping you design, plan and build a better, transformational future, as you develop and manage your core business in the evolving Hybrid cloud.

                Cloud Services

                Cloud Advisory

                Our experienced consultants work with you to assess specific needs and design your cloud transformation, be it public, private or hybrid infrastructure solution.

                Cloud Implementation

                Leverage our full-stack, next-gen deployment and migration services and drive transformation using cloud-native tools and DevOps services.

                Cloud Management

                Optimize your multi-cloud investments through our managed virtual data center, cloud brokerage and orchestration and cloud native services.

                Cloud Security

                Implement a next-gen cloud security strategy and leverage security frameworks, data protection and a sound security infrastructure.

                Cloud Expertise

                Number of cloud professionals


                NTT DATA’s global IT community includes leading experts with best practice know-how in almost every industry and technology. We partner with all major software vendors and are market-leaders for both innovation and project delivery.

                Success stories

                Management of Public Cloud Environments

                NTT DATA worked with Santillana, the world’s largest Spanish and Portuguese language educational content producer, to deploy its production platform in cloud, following a phased migration roadmap that reduced risk and disruption. Today, we provide hands-on support and deliver continuous improvement to all services. Availability has risen from 96% to 99.998% and costs have been cut by a full 60%.

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                Awards & Recognition

                Global Partner Ecosystem

                Amazon Web Services

                Red Hat
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