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                NTT DATA Leaders

                Takeshi Arimoto

                Takeshi Arimoto

                Mr. Arimoto has been a Director of NTT DATA since joining the company in 2020.

                While only recently joining NTT DATA, Mr. Arimoto has spent most of his career with NTT, first joining in 1993. From there, he worked his way up to become Senior Manager of Strategic Business Development Division in 2013, which was then transferred to NTT Knowledge Square Corporation - currently DOCOMO gacco, Inc.

                After this, he became Senior Manager of the Corporate Strategy Planning Department and Auditor of NTT Finance Corporation in 2015, before moving on to Auditor of NTT Urban Development Corporation in 2018, then finally starting his current post within NTT as Vice President (Accounting & Tax) of the Finance and Accounting Department as of 2020.

                Mr. Arimoto holds a bachelor's degree in economics that he obtained from the University of Tokyo.